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     "Wedding photography is so challenging and complex. Nothing is the same ever, so if you really want to do it right, you really have to study and focus and perform at your highest level. It is almost impossible to shoot a wedding perfectly — technically speaking, but if you decide you want to try you’ll realize you have to perform at the top of your game. You’re thinking about light, moment and the composition of every single frame. You’re reminding yourself to think outside the box; to shoot different; to shoot outside your comfort zone. You’re trying to be creative with details shots and also have a strong and solid knowledge of portraiture. Trying to do all that in an 8-12 hour period can really show you how very difficult it is to execute great photography more specifically wedding photography."
-  Daniel Aguilar -

     "Bryon was not only our wedding photographer, he helped with everything! Whether it was my matron of honor who had questions about my dress, to helping people stand properly, as well as making sure all of the photos I wanted were done. He was a very big help on our special day and has since become a family friend as well. We had so many compliments about Bryon from friends and family. The excitement I have to see these pictures is just unbelievable. Bryon will check his photos as he takes them and if he catches something absolutely perfect he shows you and the excitement on his face just shows you he does what he loves.”

    Jessica S.

     “Bryon's artistic flare and excitement for life was apparent the first time I met him. From a personal standpoint, Bryon is kind, passionate, fun, and excited about his work and LIFE. From a professional standpoint, all the pictures Bryon takes impress me because I feel he is able to capture his subjects's individuality and spirit. It's not just a picture he takes, but a story that he tells. People's personalities jump from the photographs and you never get tired of looking at them. Bryon exudes a warmth about him that engages people and allows them to be vulnerable in front of the camera, thus exposing their true animating force.

     Being around Bryon and being photographed by him is a terrific and fun experience. He is excited to work with people and encourages them to be true to who they really are so their essence comes through. His genuine passion for his work, sense of adventure, and kind, funny, and easy going personality make Bryon a pleasure to work with and a admirable friend to have.”

    Kimberly C.

     "Totally impressed! Over the top talent, attention to detail, and a level of comfort that is rare to experience these days. You have a good thing going Bryon. Thank you and best of luck in your career. I'd recommend you to anyone."


     Michele B.

     “I was married in August 2016 and couldn't have asked for a better company to work with! Bryon was able to capture my love for my husband and my friendships with my whole wedding party (which was a total of 22 people including the groom and I)! My pictures look like a fairy tale out of a story book! My family keep raving over how great he was!

    Jessica L.

     "Bryon captured our special day. He was so much fun to have and did an amazing job catching every little detail. As someone who can feel very awkward in front of a camera, Bryon did a fantastic job making me feel comfortable! I would highly recommend him!"


     Joey and Jamie B.

     “I highly recommend Bryon. He is professional fun and makes the shoot a memorable experience. Nothing but great things to say about him and his work!.”

    Jax T.

     "Bryon arranged a meeting to get to know my fiance and I and what we were looking for in our pictures. We hit it off right away and I told him what pictures I wanted and what kind of pictures I did not want, times were set up at this time as well.       The day of the wedding, everything went great! Bryon was fantastic, fun to work with, and gave great compliments! :) I can not say enough great things about him!!! He worked fast, we got all the pictures we wanted in the time frame we had, and now after seeing the pictures, I love them!!!"


    Colleen C.

     “Bryon is an amazing photographer - any event, any occasion....if you want perfection and memories that will last a lifetime, talk to Bryon at Bryland Photography! Words can't describe his work.... just take a peek for yourself!”

    Tim H.

     "Bryon was our wedding photographer and we found him to not only be an expert in the art of photography, but a jack of all trades. He beautifully arranged our boutonnières, helped DJ and pass drinks around on our party bus, and overall was a joy to have on our special day."


     Martha & T.J. S.

     “Bryon has an exceptional eye for composition, a creative approach to his presentation, and a natural instinct for capturing just the right moment in his photography.”

    Lynne S.

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