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fine art photographer

     "There is beauty in everything...
Sometimes we just have to look a little closer to see it!"
- Bryon Landerman -

For my brides

     "Each week I am truly blessed to spend the day with two families as they are joined together as one and celebrate one of the most special days of their lives. The honor bestowed upon me to be entrusted to capture their story, and immortalize it through my lens, fuels my commitment to provide them with the highest quality images possible. From the finest details of the rings, to their first kiss, to their grand exit and all of the priceless moments in between, my goal is to document the day even better than they have envisioned it.


     Because a wedding day can often present a stressful and hectic environment, my approach is to keep it as relaxed and fun as possible. As many of my previous couples can attest, I am very good at keeping the day running smoothly and on time. I am happy to lend an extra hand to help with whatever needs to be done throughout the course of the day. From showing the guys how to put on their cuff links properly, to helping the bridesmaids lace up a corset style dress, anything to keep the day running smooth and my couples feeling relaxed.


     As I said before, I like to utilize a combination of candid photojournalism and capture the natural beauty of a wedding day as it happens, along with classic and contemporary styles of posing, in order to create something beautiful of my own. I then will bring it all together, and elegantly display the images I have captured in a beautiful, custom designed, and heirloom quality wedding album, meaning the story of that day will be told for many generations to come! 


     In life, we all seek out our own way. We have an innate need to find what makes us different from all the others. Something that makes our life meaningful and special to us. We may try many different things in order to find our true passions. And then, just maybe, we can find something within that passion that is unique to us. Sometimes, when we find that one particular thing that we love to do, we find a way do it in our own style. A style that defines us. And if we are really lucky, we get to do it everyday. I am one of the lucky ones!


     Few days in our lives can compare to the beauty of a wedding day. And very few things make me as happy as to know that I have captured that priceless beauty for you, my client!"


     I sincerely hope you enjoy some of the memories I have created for my past clients. And I look forward to the opportunity to capture the beautiful moments and create the timeless memories of your special day as well!


Bryon Landerman         


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