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     "The most challenging thing about photographing weddings is that all that is beautiful is true and all that is true is beautiful."

- Carlo Carletti -

Primary Photographer

     Are we guaranteed to get you as our photographer? Yes. I don't have any other photographers shoot my weddings for me. I am always the primary photographer for your day. 

Second Photographer

     Do you have a second shooter? I do have highly qualified second shooters available for all of my collections. 

Travel Expenses

     Do you shoot destination weddings? Yes! I am available to shoot weddings all over the world. (Have passport, will travel!)


     How much does it cost for you to travel to my wedding?  Setting up the airplane travel, hotel, rental car, etc. can be time consuming, expensive and difficult. So I've come up with a way that makes things easy for clients to understand and doesn't cost them the time to set everything up. I have divided the US into four areas. Each one has a cost. I use that money to cover my plane, hotel and rental car. If it is more than that I will cover the cost out of my own pocket. If you are unsure which area your wedding would fall into please email me. Prices below are for single photographer only.


     Pacific Time Zone – $950

     Mountain Time Zone – $850

     Central Time Zone – $750

     Eastern Time Zone – $850

     International – Let's chat!

Digital Files & Prints

     Do we get the digital files? Absolutely. *Some restrictions do apply.*


     How are they delivered? Your online gallery of photos will all be stored in the cloud. Easily accessible on any computer, mobile device or tablet. Initially you will only be able to order prints direct from the gallery at very affordable prices from printing facilities only available to professional photographers. Also, you can send that link to all your friends and family so they too can enjoy the photos and order the ones they like of themselves. All of my collections also include your images on a USB drive in a keepsake case or box depending on which collection you purchase. Depending on the collection you purchase determines when you will receive all of your digital files.


     Do I have to order prints through you? Nope. You can order your prints directly from your online hosting site or once you receive your USB of images, you can have them printed wherever you would like. If you like things that are convenient and easy, as well as the highest quality, you'll love the print order system built directly into the gallery though. Prices are extremely affordable and the prints are printed at an amazing production facility that works solely with professional photographers and delivers direct to your home in just a few days. So if you want to do it yourself you can, but if you like it easy I've made that possible for you as well.


     How many photos can I expect to receive? The number of photos you will receive will be determined by which collection you choose. However, you can expect to receive approx. 75-100 images per hour of photography.


     Color or Black & White? I deliver photos in BOTH. The wedding day coverage is only a small portion of the work that I do. In fact, to go through all the photos, edit the good ones, and get rid of the bad, takes upwards of 40 hours per wedding! My style is to keep images looking as natural and clean as possible. I feel that this is the most timeless style and therefore, I don't rely on any trendy effects. 


     Are they high resolution? Absolutely. The photos will be optimized so that they are the highest resolution and will print amazing. 


     How long before I see them? Typically in about 4-6 weeks. I try to get them to you quicker, but do like to give myself that time to make sure I can edit them up nicely. I will do my best to post a sneak peek as well.


     What kind of gear do you use? I use Canon professional gear. I have top of the line cameras and lenses. When I shoot, all images are saved to two different memory cards at the same time as a precaution, just in case one card has errors. This feature is something only available in the most high end equipment. 


     Are you a "natural light" photographer? I love shooting natural light when I can, and when it's available. However, I am trained, and even teach others how to use, modify, and create light from flashes and other light sources in order to create beautiful images, no matter what the conditions. That means if there is a dark overcast in the sky, rain, or even if things are running late and the ceremony ends after dark --- I've got you covered. I am able to create the images you'll love no matter what is thrown at us. 


     Do we need to feed you? Yes. Because I spend typically more than 8 hours with you, I do require that a hot meal is provided. If you have included a second photographer in your wedding collection,a hot meal is required for them as well.


     Do you need a space at a table? Nope. Actually I'd prefer not to sit with the guests. Not because I don't want to meet them but because I am usually working at the same time as I am eating. I typically recommend having your venue set up a small vendor table in a corner or next to the DJ. Throughout dinner there will be times when I need to get up quickly to take photos of an event that is happening. So it is always much better for me to not have to excuse myself constantly from a table of your friends and family.


Reserve Our Date

     We love your work and we think you are awesome! How do I reserve you for our wedding day? I make this quite easy. The two things needed to reserve your date are the signed wedding agreement and a 50% retainer fee. Once we have talked and chosen the perfect collection for your day, I'll send you the agreement to sign and process the payment. I accept cash/check/most major credit cards. Once those two things are done - I will put it on my calendar and that date will be yours. 


     How do I reach you? Easiest way is using the contact form built into the site. Sending me an email or even reaching out on Facebook, if we are friends there, are the two best ways to reach me. After our initial chat or email exchange, I will also share my cell phone number with you and you can call or text me there as well.

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